Found 41 kg bright ball lying on the beach, but what is the problem?

Chandravanshi Samaj 🥇
2 min readMar 8, 2021

America is a country near Florida. The name is Bahamas. Located in the middle of the sea. Very famous for tourism.

The news is that a strange, glowing ball has been found here. A British girl was first seen lying on the shore of the sea in Harbor Island.

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He took some pictures with the shells, which went viral. Now people are discussing what the hell is this?

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Some began to consider it a mysterious circle. But scientists have guessed what this thing is.

24-year-old Menon Clarke said that she was with her family on Harbor Island on Wednesday 24 February, when she saw the shell.

Talking to The Independent, he told that we were walking, then I saw this silver glowing shell, which seemed like peeping out of the sand. They said,

“We saw that something was written on it in Russian. We started digging to get this shell out. It was a very courageous task because we did not even know what it was. “

It is written in Russian language on the sphere that it weighs 41 kg, and it was made in 2018.

It has also been told that its capacity is 43 liters. Its temperature range is 170 ° C to -196 ° C. It is made of titanium.

What is this thing, it was being speculated that the scientists had revealed its secret.

Mark Morabito, chairman of Richard Branson’s company Virgin Galactic, said, “It can be said with a 99 percent claim that this thing is a hydrazine tank used in some kind of rocket.”

It is used in rockets without humans. “ Martin Archer, a doctor of the Department of Physics at Imperial College, London, also says that this thing is clearly a hydrazine tank.

Many people agree on the theory of hydrazine tank. But there is no complete assurance about how this tank reached here.

Dr. Sarah Hadspeeth, associate professor of Russian at the University of Leeds, says that this thing may have come here from Cuba. Cuba was a friend of the Soviet Union, and has been receiving many things from there.

Well, Menon Clarke and his family could not shake the tank, but they took a lot of pictures with it.

Clarke is very excited about this. He said, “Think about where he must have come from here, since when he was here. It is indeed very surprising to be like this. Now a lot of people are coming here to see it. “


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